Life is a Journey

The road as a path, a symbol of life, having big goals.

Peace is Broken

A found broken ornament, it pretty much can be a symbol of sadly what is common in the world these days

We Updated The Gothic Farmhouse

Contrasting the old and the new, putting the familiar in an unexpected place. Or the loss of old ways?

Opposing Energy

Old and new energy forms? or just competing?

In the 1970s Cars Came in a Box

A different era, the 1970s, family?

Playing Together

Joy? childhood? The spirit of play? in front of a shadowy darkness?

Surfing The Net

From the early days of the internet, when we “surfed” from site to sit, full of adventure, and not even thinking about falling off the board

Inane Machinery

The endless task, an imaginary means of providing energy, always trying but never getting there.

Wonder, Gazing to the Future

Seeing what cannot be seen, and we do not even see the observer. What is over the horizon? What can the observer see that we cannot?